Changes to Performance Meals

Greater Selection

We now have a larger menu to choose from on a weekly basis. We still offer the same single meals for lunch/dinner and breakfast as well as cheat meals and multipacks, but now you can look forward to Family Meals as well.

Our menu will no longer change every single week, but with the greater selection it will stick around for 6-8 weeks so you can try as many different meals as you please and then re-order your favorites. This will help us on the backend too, so we can focus more on getting you consistently great product.


Shorter Turnaround

Instead of having to wait a week or more for your order to be made, we now have a quick two day turnaround. Place your order on any day of the week without worrying about pesky deadlines and get your meals after just two business days. The cutoff is midnight daily. View the chart below to understand when your meals will be ready:


 Order Day Pick Up / Delivery Day
Monday Wednesday
Tuesday Thursday
Wednesday Friday
Thursday Monday
Friday Monday
Saturday Tuesday
Sunday Tuesday



New Way to Subscribe

We still offer our 10, 15, Commuter, and Work Week Packs (though they are a little different), but soon you will be able to subscribe to any item in our shop. Build a custom subscription of as many or as few meals as you need, and our system will reorder those meals weekly. You will then be able to manage your subscription through your account as you please without having to contact your Performance Meals crew. For more info, visit our Subscriptions page.


Gift Cards

If you had previously purchased a gift card, it will no longer work on the new site. We are issuing you new gift cards and sending the new codes to the email you used to purchase the original gift card.


Questions? Email us at