Why are my meals called the same thing, but have different ingredients than last week?
We know that one of the main limitations you have when you’re meal-prepping (besides time) might be lack of mad kitchen skillz… We strive to create a program for you that’s rich in flavor and variety. Get ready to try some foods you’ve never heard of… and love them.  By keeping the names the same, we're able to riff on a flavor theme, so you'll know roughly what to expect, but never get bored! 

How long will the meals keep?
After you pick your meals up, you can refrigerate them for up to a week. Anything beyond 7 days we don’t recommend. Also, it's a good idea to try and eat meals with leafy greens first, as these don't tend to keep as well for as long.  If you're having trouble eating meals in time to keep them fresh, consider ordering twice a week.

Meals bought in-store may not last for a week from the time of purchase. We stock our coolers every Monday and Thursday, and meals will last up to a week after being stocked.

What if I forget to pick up my meals on my pick up date?
We hold all meals at our pickup locations for 6 days. The meals expire after that time and we are not responsible for any meals not picked up within 6 days of their original pick up date. Customers must pick up their meals at their designated pick up date or the meals will be discarded. Refunds are not available for meals that are not picked up.

When are my meals ready to be picked up at the storefront?
Meals are available right away when we open at 11am. We are open 11am-8pm Mon-Sat.

I do not see cooking instructions for my meals. How do I should I prepare them?
If a meal is a salad, there's no prep necessary. We recommend eating these meals first as they taste better the fresher they are consumed. Otherwise, meals come packaged in microwave-safe containers. Pop the lid off, remove any sauces and place the food in the microwave with the lid sitting on top. We recommend starting at about 2 minutes on high heat and increase from there if you have larger portion sizes. After heating, pour on the sauces and mix up.

To optimize your flavors and textures, take any red meat out of the container, and add back in during the last minute or so of heating, to ensure that it doesn't overcook. Do the same with eggs. Some customers recommend putting our pancakes in a toaster.

If you have extra time, meals can be reheated on the stove (simply toss into a skillet with water or oil, and heat through to desired temp on medium heat). Our containers are not oven-safe.

Can I freeze my meals?
If you really want to… although we recommend you don’t. Freezing and thawing can negatively alter the textures and flavors of your lovingly home-cooked meal. For the tastiest results, store it in the fridge and eat within 6 days. No preservatives are used in our meals, and expiration dates are listed on our menus.

Help! My meat looks pink and undercooked! Is it okay to eat?!
Many of our proteins are cooked by a process called "sous vide". The meat is vacuum-sealed with delicious herbs and spices and then heated in a pot of water over multiple hours to the perfectly cooked temperature. This method keeps the meat tender and juicy while soaking in the flavor of the herbs and spices. Often we'll follow up this process by grilling the meat, so yes! Your meat is indeed cooked.

If you're not convinced, you can always microwave the meat separately for an extra minute or two. But keep an eye on it! Microwaving it for too long will cause the meat to dry out and become so much less delicious.

Why isn’t a no-carb option offered?
We believe in the need for carbs. We don’t get behind the idea of completely cutting carbs from your diet, but we do understand that you might want to reduce or cycle the carbs that you’re consuming. That’s why the carbs that we serve are a mix of low and high-glycemic carbohydrates, and why we offer several portion sizes and custom-meal options. 

How will I know when to pick up my order?
Currently ALL meals are ready on Mondays and Thursdays, and are generally done with our deliveries by 8pm depending on volume of orders, where you land on the delivery route, and weather. Stop on your way home from work and you shouldn’t be disappointed. Order for Home Delivery and your meals will be waiting for you at your front door.

What if I have allergies or other dietary restrictions?
Meals can be prepared Gluten Free or Vegetarian through the regular ordering page. At this time the only other dietary restrictions we can accommodate include: Dairy Free, no Seafood, no Nuts, and no Pork. If your dietary restriction isn't listed above, please view our ingredients listed on the Menu page and use your own discretion when ordering.  

I hear you have a 20% off refund for in-store pickup, is this true?
Yes! Order for pick up at our Robbinsdale location and you may ask for a 20% refund on your whole order. Simply ask an employee to assist you. You must ask for a refund every week you pick up meals unless you are signed up for a subscription. We can only apply the refund for the current week; we do not refund orders retroactively.

What if I need to make a change to my order?
Please email info@performancemealsusa.com to make a change to your order. All changes must be requested before the order deadline, which is always six days previous to pickup/delivery. Deadlines for Monday meals are always the previous Tuesday. Deadlines for Thursday meals are always the previous Friday.


More Questions? Email info@performancemealsusa.com