Subscribe to any of our products and eliminate the process of re-ordering every week. After creating a subscription, you will be able to modify it, skip deliveries, or cancel whenever you need through your own account. Keep scrolling to see how it works.


Setup up a Subscription

1. Visit any product page of an item you want to order weekly. You can subscribe to any item in our shop, from single meals, to family meals and multipacks.

2. Choose the "Subscribe Weekly" option on the product page. Choose the portion size, and dietary requests, and quantity and add the item to your cart.

3. Repeat this process to add as many different products to your cart as you like. You can even mix items you want to subscribe to and items you'd like to only order once.

4. Check out - be sure to select either In-store Pickup or Home Delivery which will apply to all your future subscription orders. You will be asked to login create an Account (if you do not already have one). All subscribers must create an account.

5. Sit back and let the food come to you! Your subscription order will be placed weekly on the same day you check out initially. So if you set up your subscription on Monday, it will automatically be set to re-order the next Monday.


Modifying, Skipping Orders, and Cancelling

To modify your subscription, log in to your account from our site's main menu and click the "Manage Subscription" link on the right. You will be able to see all your subscriptions (if you have more than one) and you can edit each as you like. You may also view your delivery schedule and skip any upcoming orders if you are going on vacation for instance.

Click the "Edit" link to modify one of your subscriptions. You can change details such as:

  • Shipment date (which is actually your re-order date, all orders are fulfilled according to our schedule listed on the How It Works page.)
  • Product Quantities (including removal of a product)
  • Payment Information
  • Shipping/Billing Address (You can even have your subscriptions sent to different addresses if need be.)

If follow the link in the left navigation back to your Subscriptions, you can also add products to your subscription. Click on the "Add Product" link at the bottom. Choose from our catalog and follow the on screen prompts. It is best to add items to your subscription this way as opposed to through our normal shop so you don't end up with multiple payments each week or multiple subscriptions to manage.


Through your account you can also view all your past payments and billing history. Have any other questions? Feel free to reach out to us at